The stepmother of 10 year old Zahra Baker whose remains were found last week has appealed to the courts for a bail reduction and released some grisly details about the case.

Elisa Baker has filed papers to have her bail reduced on her obstruction of justice charge claiming that she has, in fact, been assisting law enforcement in their hunt for the 10 year old girl. Her attorney claims that is was Elisa’s information that led the investigators to the evidence they now possess in the case.

According to attorney Scott Reilly, Elisa informed the police that Zahra was dead and had been dismembered. She also told them that the body parts could be located in various places.  After receiving the information the authorities then took Elisa to several locations including those which later turned up key evidence in the investigation including a bone, prosthetic leg and the remains of the little girl.

Reilly argues that there is no reason to expect Elisa Baker to leave the area. She is a lifelong resident who does not possess a passport and is easily recognizable due to the noteriety of the case.

The district attorney’s office has said they will fight the reduction and will even provide proof as to why Elisa should remain in jail.