GTA 5 beta code domain owned by RockStar GamesGTA 5, now due to come out on September 17th, was delayed because the developers are looking to provide a brand new experience.

While the gaming community awaits the release, a lot is going on around the title.

According to a recent report from Fusible, there was a website that claimed it was giving out beta codes for the multiplayer mode that will be featured in GTA 5.

But now the ownership of the site has been awarded to Take-Two Interactive.

The site’s name was ‘’.

Take-Two Interactive filed a complaint to the World Intellectual Property Organization for the rights to the domain, which has been granted. The domain name now directs to RockStar Game’s official website.

There have been no multiplayer betas released for the GTA series to this date, and if the trend continues, there won’t be one for GTA 5 either.

Pre-orders for the game are up on Amazon for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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