GTA 5 Will Sell 18 Million Units By March 2014 – Analyst

GTA 5 Will Sell 18 Million Units By March 2014 – Analyst

Sad news for GTA fans surfaced about two weeks ago when it was announced that GTA 5 won’t be coming out until September 17th.

This may indicate that the company may be working to make the title fully compatible with next-generation consoles PS4 and Xbox  720.

GTA 5 has been the most anticipated games of 2013, and it’s likely to sell well.

To add some figures, there’s a new report published on Press Blue in which Stern Agee’s analyst Arvind Bhatia projects the fifth-generation Grand Theft Auto to sell 18 million units between its launch and March 2014.

The sales could lead to an operating profit of $230 million for the franchise. This is possible judging by the success of GTA 4, which became the highest grossing game in Rockstar’s history with more than 25 million units sold.

The same analyst also predicted last year that GTA 5 will sell 14 million units at launch.

Pre-orders for the game are already available for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners on Amazon.

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