Gucci Beauty Is Here

Gucci is the latest luxury brand to step into the beauty world.

Joining the ranks of Chanel, Dior, YSL, and the like, Gucci is introducing its own line of lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polishes and more this fall. While most new launches include only a few products in key shades to allow for later expansion, Gucci dove head-first into the cosmetics industry.

This first release, which even includes skincare and makeup brushes, consists of a whopping 200 products. Each is housed in black and gold packaging, with the Gucci logo embossed on the pressed-powder products. With colors ranging from neutrals to bolds, there is something for everyone in this collection.

Eyes: 19 eyeshadow singles ($37 each), 7 eyeshadow duos ($49 each), 10 eyeshadow quads ($65 each), 4 shades of mascara ($33 each), liquid liner ($37), 5 eyeliner pencils ($32 each), 3 shades of brow pencil ($32 each)

Lips: 25 color-intense lipsticks ($39 each), 25 moisture-rich lipsticks ($39 each), 13 lip glosses ($32 each),  8 lip pencils ($32 each)

Face: 18 shades of foundation ($65 each), 6 shades of finishing powder ($55 each), 6 shades of concealer ($44 each), 7 blushes ($49 each), 4 bronzers ($59 each)

Nails: 25 nail polishes ($29 each), base coat ($29), top coat ($29)

Skincare: Purifying Cleansing Water ($49), Gentle Refining Toner ($49), Perfecting Lightweight Moisturizer ($69), Silk Priming Serum ($52)

Brushes: Powder Brush ($55), Blush Brush ($79), Foundation Brush ($55), Blending Brush ($49), Shadow Brush ($49), Angled Brush ($35), Pencil Brush ($35), Lip Brush ($42)

Gucci cosmetics are available now at

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Consumer Expert Miki Hayes

Miki is a freelance writer and blogger with a degree in English from UNC Chapel Hill. She is obsessed with oversized sweaters, eyeshadow palettes, and her dog, Mina.