Mother’s Day 2015 is this coming Sunday, May 10, and shoppers are on the hunt for the best deals on gifts for moms.

We’ve rounded up some of the best sales from stores nationwide and asked experts where to find steals on everything from designer items to Mother’s Day outings.

Coupon Sherpa’s Savings Expert, Kendal Perez says, “These days, consumers are savvier than ever and know they have options for saving money on a Mother’s Day gift. Retailers understand that shoppers expect a deal and have already begun advertising savings of up to 40% off popular gift items including flowers, jewelry, gourmet treats and more.”

According to Coupon Sherpa, “12% of moms prefer values experiences over gifts.”

This means mom might enjoy an outing to a local vineyard, botanical garden, family canoe trip, day at the spa, or riverboat cruise.

Andrea Woroch, Consumer and Money Saving Expert for Kanoli, Inc., says the best way to find deals on these types of experiences is to “Search daily deal sites like Groupon or LivingSocial for up to 60% savings on spa certificates, activities, entertainment and dining.”

Woroch also says, “When it comes to pearls, jewels and gold, it’s best to skip jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day and wait for another time of year. As one of the last opportunities to boost sales, jewelers know that necklaces and earrings are popular gifts for moms and keep prices a bit higher to rake in profits before the season for bling dies down.”

She also recommends buying flowers from grocery stores. “You can often find a wide selection of mixed bouquets, roses and other pretty flowers for nearly 30% less. Potted plants like an orchid instead of a fresh bouquet are another smart choice since they last longer, conveying messages of love throughout the year.”

As for cook and bakeware, Woroch suggests buying from a warehouse club and to consider deals on older models. “Most new models simply boost changes in design and typically not much in functionality, so looking for deals on older models is a wise shopping strategy!”

And what about moms who love fashion and would like to be surprised with an expensive designer purse or pair of sunglasses?

“Mother’s Day is a holiday where shoppers want to splurge on the important woman in their lives, but unfortunately, is not always something consumers can afford,” said Phong Vu, CEO of

Surprising mom with designer apparel and accessories can be more affordable by looking in the right places. Vu says great deals can be found on names such as Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs at, Nordstrom Rack, and Barney’s Warehouse.

According to Vu and Deal Science, “Those same sites offer great deals on Michael Kors tops, including petite and plus sizes, for 55-70 percent off. Easily spend under $150 on Michael Kors apparel with high-quality options ranging from $30-140, saving you anywhere from $50-$280.”

“A great new purse is always in season. For a new Marc by Marc Jacobs summer cross-body bag or tote, turn to Barney’s Warehouse, spend $99-229, and get up to a $60 savings.”

For the best savings on Mother’s Day gifts at stores near you, visit the sites of our experts linked above as well as our guide to Mother’s Day 2015 sales and coupons at popular stores.