McDonald’s, which is being sued in an effort to make it stop selling Happy Meals, has responded to the lawsuit by asking a judge to dismiss it, according to documents filed with the court on Monday.

The fast food giant stated in the motion to dismiss that parents have the ability and right to say no to their children when it comes to buying or eating the Happy Meals. The motion claims that the plaintiff, Monet Parham, was not misled by any advertising, nor left to rely on information given by McDonald’s.

Parham filed the lawsuit in December, claiming that the fast food giant was using toys to attract children and draw them into their restaurants. The claim is that the toys made the children want the Happy Meals, which are considered unhealthy. She claims that in doing this they are violating the consumer protection laws in California.

McDonald’s has said the lawsuit could be a slippery slope of problems in more areas than just fast food. They shared that it could mean that any marketing geared towards children of a product that the parent does not wish to buy could be deemed an unfair trade practice.

No decision has been made on the motion to dismiss.