Harry Potter, Is it Really Over? No – There’s More Coming!

With the release of the second part of the seventh movie, one may think that the life of Harry Potter is over. However, just as the movie is wrapping up one of the best opening weekends ever, J.K. Rowling has something else up her sleeve.

Recently, J.K. Rowling released a video on YouTube to tell the world about her latest vision for Harry’s World, a new website that is to be called “Pottermore.” The website is going to open up more doors into the world of Harry Potter, shining light on secrets Rowling has claimed to have kept bottled up inside for years.

So, what is Pottermore? While there is not much information to go on, it seems that Pottermore is a website for children (and adults, of course) to visit and enter the world of Harry Potter. Rowling claims that the reader’s will help her write more about Harry and the world that he live in. It will be a place to share ideas and explore the magical world that readers around the world have grown to love.

Additionally, Rowling announced that the Harry Potter books will be made available in eBook style, which until now she has refused to allow. The catch is, the eBooks will only be available to purchase through the Pottermore site.

While the movie franchise may be coming to an end, it looks as though Harry Potter is going to live on for a long, long time.