Hawaii Five-0 certainly got something right on last night’s season finale. You have to have something right when, more than 24 hours later, people are still talking about it.

Spoilers ahead.

Not all the talk is flattering. Several critics have said that the show overreached and ‘jumped the shark’, as they say. The manipulations, and eventual killing of, the governor. The arrest of Steve McGarrett for her murder. The arrest of Kono for theft from the evidence locker. The rabid (and apparently behind the scence, for must longer than suspected, since she is pregnant with his child) romance of Danno and his former wife who is now married to someone else. Danno’s promise to go back to Jersy. And of course, Chin’s return to the Hawaiian Police Department. It was all a bit too much for some. The writers really did blow the whole thing up.

But of course, the show is not over. So the question becomes… once you blow it up that much, how to you put the pieces back together? How does Hawaii Five-0 continue from where they are now?

Some are suggesting this is a dream. That would be miserable.  Others that McGarrett and the Five-0 team have an unfolding plan. That seems unlikely. Could perhaps Chin and Danno can come up with a smoking gun somewhere, bringing everything to the light of day, with the Hawaii Five-0 team being reassembled under a new governorship? Or perhaps the still somewhat mysterious analyst will come up with something, since she is the only one remaining in the office. Only time will tell. CBS has not yet released it’s Fall lineup, so the time and date for the next episode of Hawaii Five-0 is unknown at this time.