HBO Releases First Big Preview For Game Of Thrones Season 3

HBO Releases First Big Preview For Game Of Thrones Season 3

As the spring nears, fantasy fans and fans of George R.R. Martin’s epic book series start to get a little antsy.

Today, HBO put up a 2 minute video that offers the first real insight into the upcoming season.

As a fan of the books, I know what we need to be prepared for in this upcoming season.

But still, when they mention a “great reversal of fortunes,” I can’t help but shiver just a little bit.

The new season of Game of Thrones premieres March 31, at 9 pm on HBO. Until then take a look at the video below.

Are you as excited about the new season as I am? Are you as nervous about the new season?

Sound off below, and keep coming to for more news regarding the new season.


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