Heidi Opossum: Cross-eyed Opossum Takes Over Germany [Video]

A small gray cross-eyed opossum is expected to draw huge crowds at Germany’s Leipzig Zoo when it opens its new tropical wildlife exhibit in July. Heidi the cross-eyed opossum is a veritable celebrity around the world, with over 100,000 fans on Facebook and her very own song on Youtube. There are even plans in the works to make a plush toy modeled after the middle aged marsupial.

Employees at the Leipzig Zoo were shocked at all the attention Heidi has been receiving, and they reportedly had no idea that she would become this popular.

Maria Saegebarth of the Leipzig Zoo said, “The Heidi sensation was surprising and unplanned. It’s great that there has been a lot interest, but we had nothing to do with the media hype.”

The zoo has been receiving large amounts of mail asking about Heidi, so they have set aside part of their website to answer all the questions.

According to the website, Heidi’s cross-eyes probably stem from a bad diet, which would lead to fat deposits forming behind her eyes. This does not put her in any pain, or even have much effect on her vision. Opossums rely more on smell than sight to move around.