Hemlock Grove is back for another season on Netflix. This time, it seems as though Hemlock Grove will be equipped with a larger a production budget than before, allowing for a much wider creative atmosphere.

Expect some even stranger episodes than what last season had to show. The amplified season two will be a make or break for Hemlock Grove, which has seen its ups and downs throughout its production life.

This time around it looks as though that the main characters from the previous season are all back and willing to mix things up in the pot again. Roman’s mother for some reason, has returned to the show and seems to be plotting something behind Roman’s back. She’s already getting the audience to hate her and it’s only the first episode.

One thing that’s uncertain is the relationship between Roman and Peter and how it will unfold in the upcoming episodes to come. Peter shows up on Roman’s front door in the first episode, looking for some money in order to bail his mother out of jail.

Roman acts as though a kid who just got a sucker taken away from him on the playground and blames Peter for everything that took place in Season 1.

The show introduces some new conflicts but in the old unique way that made Hemlock Grove what it was in season one. There are some major changes in the production of the show which are evident from the opening scene in episode one.

An important change that every fan of the show will appreciate is the new camera production crew, or at least an upgrade in how the crew manages itself. It’s not hard to notice that the camera crew has made changes from within to produce much clearer and better represented scenes.