Hidden Ways To Save Using Amazon: Little-Known Tricks That Really Work

For most consumers, myself included, Amazon is the go-to site when it comes to online shopping, but it may not be the cheapest option- until now.

Turns out there are lots of hidden ways to save when you use the site, Prime membership or not, and we know how thanks to our friend and consumer savings expert Kyle, from Rather-Be-Shopping.

Kyle recently uncovered lots of great money-saving tips that are simple and easy, and now we’re passing some of those ways on to you.

These tips will help you get the most out of your Amazon shopping experience and put a little more money in your pocket: a win-win situation for you, and your bank account.

Here’s what you can do:

Use Amazon’s 7-Day Price Protection

Many consumers don’t know this, but Amazon will give you 7-day price protection on any item after it is delivered, as long as it is a fulfilled-by-Amazon product.

That means if you buy something sold directly from Amazon and not a 3rd-party seller and the price goes down, you can be refunded the difference.

To take advantage of this just contact Amazon and tell them the price has gone down; they will refund you quickly without issue.

Take Advantage of Amazon’s Coupons

YES, Amazon has coupons.  As Kyle points out, many Amazon shoppers (including me) have no idea that just like Target and other online retailers Amazon has and accepts coupons.

There is even an Amazon coupon section on the site, offering coupons for baby items, electronics, books and more.

Get A Free Month of Prime Added on to Your Subscription

If you have Amazon Prime and an item is not delivered on time using their 2-day free shipping you can get a free month of Prime added to your subscription.

I actually did this on 3 separate orders and got my subscription extended by 3-months!

All you have to do is call customer service and tell them you did not get your item on time. Once they verify this they will offer you a free month and add it to your current subscription.

Be Smart About Add-On Items

This is one of my favorite tips because it can really help you save up.

Amazon offers a lot of Add-On items to Prime members for a very low price, but you need to spend $25 or more on your order to get them and get free shipping.

Often times that means buying more stuff you may not need just to reach $25 and get the item at that low price- which means you’re not really saving.

However, if you save your Add-On items to your shopping list until they total $25, then you can get them at the low price without having to order that extra stuff and get free 2-day shipping.

Trade-In Stuff You Don’t Need

Did you know you can trade in items to Amazon for a gift card- and they don;t have to be items you bought from them?

Yes, Amazon has a trade-in program that lets you turn in items in exchange for a gift card.

Just enter an item and they will tell you what it’s worth and if they take it; they except most items that are in good or fair condition.

They will even look through old orders and tell you the value of an item if you trade it in.

Even better, they will give you a pre-paid shipping label so it’s free to send whatever you sell to them.

What do you think of these money-saving tips for using Amazon?

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Consumer Expert Tracy Ortiz

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