Home Depot, Lowes, local nurseries…

Who’s got the best deals, and the healthiest, plants?

After comparing both big box suppliers and one local nursery, Corliss Brothers in Ipswich, MA, the following became clear.


Price is often the first thing to consider when purchasing plants.

For an approximate one gallon mum plant, Lowes charged $4.88, Home Depot charged $4.98 and the local garden center charged $6.49. But if you purchased five, the cost was reduced to $6.00 each.

Asked about the price difference between local nurseries and the Danvers, MA, Home Depot store he manages, Shawn Falzone stated:  “prices are better at Home Depot, which is one of the reasons why we have so many repeat customers.”

Condition of Plants

Home Depot’s plants vary from store to store because the plants are owned by the grower and not the store.

If your local Home Depot is staffed by great nurserymen such as Jerry Gerriargenzaio of the Danvers, MA, Home Depot, you are in luck.  Gerriargenzaio is exceptional in her ability to not only take care of plant material, but manages a great relationship with the plant vendors.  She states that she just wants to: “Get the plants home.”

Local nurseries, such as Corliss Bros., Ipswich, MA, are often known for their care of plants.

Steve Calef, the manager of Corliss Bros. told me: “The plant material is always watered and kept fresh.  The nursery is continuously restocked with fresh plant material, and mums are locally grown and hand pinched three times to ensure proper dense growth and habit.”  Calef continued  “It’s not just the size of the pot that matters, it’s the quality of the plant that is important.”

Shopping Experience  

Both Home Depot and Corliss Bros. indicated that their highest priority is customer service.

Gerriargenzio, of the Danvers Home Depot, said: “If a customer needs anything, she will contact a vendor and get it for them.”

Calef, of Corliss Bros., said that his “smiling faced employees” are here waiting to offer advice on companion planting, proper care and feeding, as well as having the time to properly water and care for the plant material between clients.


Shopping for Mums this fall may not seem like a big decision, but comparing the price versus the shopping experience may make the difference in your shopping at a big box store or a local nursery.

You may be lucky enough to have a Home Depot or Lowes that really cares for their plant material, in which case shopping there is great.

If not, shopping at your local nursery may be your best option.

Where do you shop for fall plants?