Home security tips are being provided by an ‘ex-burglar’ this holiday season.

According to the home insurance site confused.com, the results of new research (done in Britan) found that 72% of respondents felt more at risk of burglaries during the holiday season. So they brought in Michael Fraser, a home security expert and an ex-burglar, to give out advice on keeping homes safe.

“There are simple measures homeowners can take to minimise the risk of burglaries,” Fraser advised. “For instance, the research revealed that the living room is the most valuable room in their house (49% of Brits cited in the survey); it’s also a popular target for burglars. So I would advise people not to put presents under the Christmas tree until the last possible moment and closing the curtains can also help. Think carefully about where you place your valuables, make sure that they are secure and your home insurance covers you for any losses should the worst happen.”

“It may sound basic but simple steps taken to protect your home could save you money and possible heartbreak at Christmas. Homeowners should be aware each home insurance provider has their own set of conditions, so make sure your items are valued correctly to avoid any unhappy faces on Christmas Day”, added Gareth Kloet, who is head of home Insurance for Confused.com.

Fraser may be familiar to fans of BBC and UKTV. He was the presenter in two crime shows geared toward teaching the public about home security. Fraiser, who says he led a life of crime until he turned 18, would break into people’s homes on his TV shows to demonstrate to the homeowners how easy it was to do. He would then discus home security tips and give the owners his recommendations on how to better secure their home.