For years people have kept traditions alive that state that eating specific foods on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will bring them luck, money and prosperity and it seems that this year will be no different with things like black eyed pea recipes and hoppin john recipes topping the Google trends list.

Many are searching to learn what hoppin john is as it is touted to bring luck and money to those who consume it for New Year’s Eve or as a meal on New Year’s Day. It is simply a variation of the tried and true black eyed peas that have been eaten as a first meal for generations. In this version you add rice, green peppers, onion, vinegar and spices before serving.

Though many people swear by their black eyed peas, it is not the only food eaten for luck or money as the New Year is brought in. Many view pork as a symbol of prosperity and their celebration is not complete without some form of pork. In the southern part of the United States a person will find most people preparing collard greens or some other form in order to bring in money through the New Year.

The U.S. is not the only place tied to food traditions when it comes to New Year’s Eve. Countries around the world have their own superstitions related to food that they live by as they bring in the year.

The main point that everyone tries to adhere to is that if you serve a full meal to begin the year, you will not go hungry the rest of the year.