How To Find The Best Deal On Almost Anything – Using Google

If you are a bargain hunter, you probably love the words “close out” and “clearance.”

However, many retailers have become wise to these hot words and advertise prices as being exceptional deals when they are not.

Fortunately, Google Shopping makes it easy to do a price check.

You can check the price of an item at other retailers very easily by using Google Shopping. Simply go this link and type in the full name of the product in the search box. For example, you can search for an Elodie Dots/Hexagons shower curtain, which is currently advertised by for $14.99.

After performing the search, Google Shopping shows that three stores besides Overstock are currently selling this product. Wal-Mart is currently selling the shower curtain for $25.97, Kohl’s has it for $39.99, and Home Depot has it for $24.99.

Based on this result, it is clear that the Overstock price is a pretty good deal. However, you may find that sometimes your searches find better prices at other retailers.

Thanks to Google, you can quickly determine whether a so-called “deal” is truly a bargain or not so you’ll never be duped into a purchase again.