Episode 11 of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ was another hour filled of jaw-dropping moments (you’d think there was nothing left to be shocked about-but there is) as Sam’s body was found.

The show ended with a news report saying a body was found and believed to be Sam’s and that was just one of the nights shockers.

2 of the nights other big reveals included  Frank (Charlie Weber) offering to “take care” of Hannah and Hannah telling Bonnie she knows how “special” she was to Sam!

The episode flipped back-and-forth from Christmas until the present time and throughout the night we are shown clips and images of the Keating 5 disposing of Sam’s body.

There were also clips throughout the episode of each of the 5 being interviewed by the police and it was scary because they each look ready to crack under the pressure.

The show opened with Annalise (Viola Davis) trying to convince  Hannah (Marcia Gay Harding), that Sam disappeared because he murdered Lila.

Hannah seemed far from convinced, but she took a box of evidence Annalise gave her containing incriminating information about Sam.

Meanwhile, the Keating 5 reassembled at school and are shocked to hear from Connor (Jack Falahee)  that Sam’s sister is in town- apparently Annalise didn’t tell anyone, not even her golden boy Wes (Alfred Enoch)- shocker!

Wes then confronts Annalise who makes it clear they’ll know what she wants them to know when she wants them to know it.

A short  while later a woman comes to Annalise’s house looking for help: it seems her husband is holding 2 girls hostage in their basement.

After taking the case and going to the police  station Annalise and Bonnie (Liza Weil) run into Hannah there.

She snidely reports that there is a lead on Sam and when Annalise looks surprised she realizes no one told her.

Hannah then takes a shot at Annalise, saying the police probably didn’t tell her because she is “too busy” with her cases.

After showing clips of how Laurel (Karla Souza) got thrown out of her house on Christmas by her dad and Wes and Rebecca (Katie Findlay) playing house at his place the action shifted back to the growing tension between Annalise and Hannah.

Annalise finds Hannah sitting in  a car spying on Nate’s (Billy Brown) place and goes over to confront her.

Even though she’s surprised she plays it cool and in her typical sassy fashion invites Hannah in.

Hannah, as expected looks down her nose at her and tells her no- but makes no move to leave either, so Hannah goes in.

Inside her and Nate talk about his wife and he tells Annalise she wants him to move on and be happy- but he feels like that would be wrong.

Connor and Oliver went back and forth with Oliver finally kissing him and revealing he is in love with Connor (shocker!).

Connor soon discovers his car (that has trace evidence all over it) is gone and Laurel realizes Frank  is the one that stole it.

The group was also surprised to see how close Connor and Asher (Matt McGorry) appear to be, but Laurel thinks that’s a power move by Frank too.

Meanwhile, the Keating 5 realize the woman who’s husband  was holding those girls is holding their 4 year old daughter in a cabin to “protect” her from her monster father.

Luckily, the little girl was dirty and disheveled- but okay.

Laurel gets Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Connor and Wes together to talk about how they’re feeling and it’s obvious they are all unraveling.

Wes admits he is plagued by nightmares while Michaela refuses to say anything.  Connor, meanwhile  let’s them all know he doesn’t trust them.

As they are talking Hannah shows up, wanting to know who they are.

We then see in a flashback how bad things really were over the break for her, as her fiancee couldn’t deal with her guilty, erratic behavior and called off the wedding.

As the show ends we see Hannah begin to accept that Annalise is not the bad guy- a moment that will be short-lived now that Sam’s body has been found

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