How To Search Amazon Prime Deals & Find What You Want On Sale!

Want to find an Amazon Prime Deal on something specific?

But don’t want to waste hours of time looking through trinkets to get your deal?

There is a way to search for Amazon Prime Deals for just what you want.

Amazon has a “Prime Day” option on their search drop down menu today. When you run the search using that drop down selection, Amazon displays items that are included¬†in the Prime Day Deals sale with a blue “Prime Day Deal” over the top of them.

In our testing today, we did find that Amazon often includes a mix of regularly priced items amongst the Prime deals, but the Prime Day Deals are clearly marked.

Some items in the search results include the Prime Deals sale price. Other items have to be clicked through to see the discount.

Information on how many of the sales priced item have been claimed is also on the item page, not the search results page.

Upcoming sales that are happening later today do not appear in the current Prime Day search results, so shoppers searching for a particular item would still need to search regularly for the item they are looking for.

Are you shopping for Amazon Prime Deals today?

What have you scored so far?

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