mayim-bialikHoward Stern  interviewed  Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik today and the outcome was  compelling.

The Blossom theme song heralded Bialik’s entrance and set the light- hearted tone. The pair sounded like old friends as they talked fame, education, and family for close to an hour.

Mayim, who does not watch television, shared she was hesitant to join Big Bang Theory’s cast. Luckily, audiences were receptive to the feminine re-imagining of the show’s beloved character, Sheldon.

It was clear that she would have flourished without the show, or fame for that matter. A self proclaimed nerd with a doctorate in neuroscience is never without options.

The daughter of two conservative school teachers, Bialik long understood the value of education. College was eminent since her father reminded her nightly, “[All] this could go away; none of this is real.”

Mayim did not shy away from questions about Attachment Parenting, her method of child rearing. She chuckled as she distinguished her style from Alicia Silverstone’s momma bird behavior.

Not so long ago, Silverstone made headlines by chewing food and passing it to her child. Bialik acknowledged her own methods were unconventional, but assured listeners they were natural because of human’s similarity to primates.

Stern asked a whirlwind of questions and Bialik never wavered. He stated that he admired her intensity, and she expressed gratitude for his candor.

The two seemed to leave the event with mutual respect. After the interview, Bialik tweeted that the interview with Stern was the highlight of her career.

Mayim was a delight to hear. She is a strong, intelligent, well rounded role model for women of all ages.

Readers can hear re-runs of the interview on Sirius XM 100, or on YouTube.