HP is reported to be offering refunds for the price difference on prior purchases of the HP TouchPad that were bought through their website. Consumers who purchased through hp.com are being asked to call HP’s home and home office customer service number, which is 1-800-474-6836, to request a refund of the difference between today’s clearance sale price and price they purchased the HP touchpad tablet for originally.

Scattered reports are coming in from a variety of sources regarding what other major retailers are doing for customers who purchased the HP touchpad at a much higher full retail, or even the prior sale ($100 off), prices.

It’s being reported that HP has sent a memo to retailers asking them to also refund the difference in pricing. However, it stated that it may take a while for the retailers act on this.

Best Buy has made a statement on their website they and extending their refund offer on the HP touchpad to 60 days. As the TouchPads began being sold only six weeks ago, this should cover all TouchPad purchases made through Best Buy. Currently, they are not offering to refund the price difference, only give full refunds upon the return of the HP touchpad. Best Buy said they are no longer selling HP TouchPads, doesn’t appear that this is a place to try to get one. It is said they have returned units they did have in stock back to HP.

Amazon has not yet made a statement regarding their policy on the HP touchpad pricing issue. One caller to Amazon’s customer service was told that Amazon had already received over a 1,000 calls regarding this, but did not have a policy in place yet.

Reports are coming in that customers who purchased at Staples online are receiving refunds for the difference. There’s no news yet on if this is being extended to Staples stores. Staples was slow on extending the clearance prices to customers earlier today, it may take them a while to get the word on this also.

NewEgg.com is reported to still be negotiating with HP on the return/reimbursement policy.