The HP TouchPad has became available through TigerDirect for $150, according to Chris Burns over at

In a story dated today, Mr. Burns says that TigerDirect is “selling the infamous tablets out for $149.99 after a $150 rebate. Of course you’ll have to lie down $299.99 to get the tablet, then will get the rebate cash back eventually, but look! It’s a TouchPad and you can buy it!”

HP-TouchPadHere at CP we have been following the HP TouchPad story closely, keeping our readers up to date on costs and availability. But this caught us by surprise, so we quickly got down to fact checking.

First thing, of course, was a visit to TigerDirect to see it for ourselves. But this deal was nowhere to be found.

So we head back to the original story at In the story. There’s a screenshot that clearly shows that the HP touchpad prices $299.99, and that it has a final price of $149.99 after a $150 rebate.

Ah, but there it is on the screenshot, under “Special Instructions.” It clearly notes that this deal is only good if the consumer also purchases a new HP laptop, desktop or workstation. Basically this is the same deal consumers can get through Best Buy or Walmart.

However, nothing in the text of the story mentions that there is an additional purchase required.

SlashGear readers caught on to this misleading story as well. One commenter said “I have Slashgear added to my RSS feeds for a while but lately you guys haven’t even being doing the basics. If it isn’t fanboyism, it’s incomplete posts posts like these.” Another stated “What you fail to say is that you have to purchase a HP pc as well. Do your readers a favor, do a little research.”

So yes, there are TouchPads available for $150…. but that’s not the whole story.