HTC EVO 3D: Pre-Order Price… & Conditions… Vary By Dealer

The HTC EVO 3D is on schedule for a launch in two days, June 24th, 2011. Sprint stores and online discounters are both accepting pre-orders for the phone, which is expected to be a popular model. Pricing, conditions, and pre-order policies vary depending on where the EVO 3D is purchased.

A quick look at the HTC EVO 3D here: this EVO is Sprint’s first 4G smartphone with a 4.3 inch 3D qHD display. It is one of these new breed of devices in which a person can see 3D without the use of those funky 3D glasses. Users can capture, record, and playback in 3D. It’s OS is the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). It’s 3G/4G enabled, has a dual core 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB of internal memory, and three cameras. Two of the cameras are forward facing (two are required for capturing the 3D images). The third is rear facing and can be used for video chat or self portraits. It has 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability and can support up to 8 wifi devices. It also has access to the Blockbuster OnDemand App, for viewing 2D and 3D movies and shows. Overall, this is a pretty spiffy smartphone.

Pre-orders are being taken through Sprint stores, Best Buys, and online through LetsTalk and Wirefly.

Sprint has one of the more interesting pre-ordering systems. They are asking consumers to get on a waiting list by buying a $50 Sprint Gift Card at a local Sprint store, and say that the gift card will count as a deposit on the phone. The card can then be used to purchase the phone ‘starting’ June 24th. It’s unclear if purchasing the gift card actually reserves an EVO 3D that can be picked up on June 24th… orif that just puts the consumer on a waiting list. The cost of the phone, with a new two year Sprint contract, is $199.

Best Buy is also accepting pre-orders for the EVO 3D, also at $199 with a new two year Sprint contract. According to their website, it will ship on June 24th. No other information regarding pre-order policies could be found by us on their site.

Wirefly is the only dealer we found that is offering a discounted price on the EVO 3D. With a new two year Sprint contract, they have the phone for $179. Wirefly also provides a free backup service for life with cell phone purchase, and a pre-order price guarantee – in which if they drop the price of this phone within 30 days, the consumer receives an automatic refund for the difference. They also say that credit cards are not charged until the phone ships to the consumer, and pre-orders can be cancelled anytime prior to shipment. They also state that orders will be shipped in the order that reservations are received.

LetsTalk has EVO 3D pre-ordering available with a price of $199 with a new two year Sprint contract. They state that when pre-orders are placed, the credit card is not charged until the order has been completely processed. They also state that pre-order reservations are very limited, and pre-ordered phones are not guaranteed to be shipped on the launch date.

Consumer Expert Jimmy Borough

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