HTC One trade In Program till 19th JulyThe trade-in program for the HTC One has been extended.

Shoppers located in the US and Canada can buy the smartphone, trade in an old handset, and recieve a prepaid card loaded with a minimum of$100.

The offer is good until June 19th. The previous listed date was May 19th.

For trading in the old phone, shoppers will first have to head over to HTC’s website and pre-register their e-mail address, after which, they’ll receive a code through e-mail.

Next, that code needs to be entered in the page for the program (the link will be included in the email). On the form, shoppers will need to enter information such as the type of phone being traded in, it’s details and the condition.

A trade-in estimate for the old device will be provided, which, according to HTC, will be at least $100.

Those who already own an HTC One can also take part in the process, with proof of purchase.

There are terms and conditions on the offer, all available through their site.