HTC One Now Available At T-Mobile Brick & Mortar Stores

HTC One Now Available At T-Mobile Brick & Mortar Stores

Shoppers who don’t want to wait for HTC One’s shipping from T-Mobile can now visit the carrier’s brick and mortar stores to pick the smartphone right away.

The device is available for an upfront cost of $99.99, leading to $20 per month over a period of two years. The total cost after 24 months will be $579.99.

There are three options available in the new no-contract ‘Simple Choice’ plans; 500 MB of 4G data at $50 a month; 2 GB of 4G data at $60 a month; and unlimited 4G data at $70 a month.

All plans come with unlimited talk time and text as well as mobile hotspot.

T-Mobile doesn’t charge customers for going over the data limit, however, once the set data is reached, the speed is reduced from 4G to 2G until the next billing cycle.

Consumers who pre-ordered the device from the official website of T-Mobile can expect units to ship today.

Do be aware that T-Mobile has made the HTC One available at only select retail outlets, it’s not at all of them.

Consumer Expert Adeel Qayum

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