HTC Status Pre-Orders Now Available, Launch Date Soon, Price {Video}

The HTC Status became available yesterday for pre-ordering. A big smart phone with a dedicated Facebook button also comes in a special color, mauve, if ordered through a Best Buy store.

The HTC Status will be available on the AT&T network. Insiders expect it to be one of the hottest selling phones of the summer. It comes with the Android 2.3 operating system and HTC Sense loaded on it. It has a 2.5 inch touch screen over a full QWERTY keyboard and a physical button for seamless integration with the Facebook social network. The phone works in over 200 countries.

The phone is available for pre-ordering right now through AT&T, the cost is $49.99 when purchased along with a new two year AT&T contract… and, ah, yes, a data plan is required. Why would one get an HTC Status unless it was to be used for jumping online and updating their ‘status’.

On Sunday, July 17th, the phone will also be available for pre-ordering from Best Buy, both on their site and in brick and mortar stores. Best Buy does have an exclusive on the phone – they are they only place where it will be available in the mauve color scheme. Pricing is the same as purchasing it directly through AT&T.

As for the launch date and shipping dates, so far, AT&T has only said ‘soon’. But it’s expected that it will head out the door before the end of July.

AT&T’s official YouTube video of the HTC Status is below:

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