Episode 12 of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ has Annalise and The Keating 5 scrambling as Nate ultimately takes the fall for them and is arrested for Sam’s murder.

The gloves are definitely off as the discovery of Sam’s body had Hannah (Marcia Gay Harden) gunning full throttle for Annalise (Viola Davis), convinced that she murdered her brother.

The Keating 5, meanwhile, continued to unravel, as Connor (Jack Falahee) became convinced Annalise is trying to set them up- making everyone but Wes (surprise) even more unsure and paranoid.

The episode was a portrait in artistry as it uses conflicting images to paint a picture of everyone’s mindset.

Juxtaposed against a mob case Annalise takes on (and wins- while bringing down a corrupt fed) we see her both at her most fierce and most vulnerable.

As the episode starts cops arrived on Annalise’s door to tell her they identified Sam’s body.Hannah, who was inside, came out to hear the news and lost it.  She started screaming for the cops to arrest Annalise, saying she knew she murdered Sam.

Later, she went to one of the detectives and urged them to search the house, bringing up Annalise’s violent childhood and offering to  testify that Annalise threatened Sam- giving them a reason for the search.

Annalise tried to put up a brave face but she was shaken by the developments of discovering Sam’s body and the fact that her clients were avoiding her.

While Hannah was on a mission to destroy Annalise,  Bonnie (Liza Weil)  & Wes (Alfred Enoch)- felt the weight of what happened crushing them.

Bonnie admitted to Frank that Sam kissed her and she told Annalise- so now she thinks Annalise hates her for it.

Wes, meanwhile, became obsessed with Rudy, the guy who used to live in his apartment and disappeared, causing Rebecca to question where his head is at.

Hannah testified for the search warrant and Bonnie was unable to stop it, so cops tore the house apart, while Connor and the group waited nervously outside.

While waiting, Connor once again questioned Annalise’s motives, leading the group to call him paranoid but causing further doubt at the same time.

Hannah showed up during the search and after telling the Keating 5 they should leave to protect their reps she had a heated exchange with Annalise, as each tried to discredit the other.

Annalise went so far as to accuse her of incest, which finally shut her up.

The cops found no traces, which allows everyone to breath- sort of.

Connor goes on another rant, which Annalise overhears so she calls him into her office.

The to have a heart-to-heart and Annalise reassures Connor that she’s not out for them, but she gets where Connor is coming from.

After a pep talk from Bonnie Annalise goes to the detectives to give a statement and an alibi- taking the offensive and outing the power back in her hands.

As the episode ends the Keating 5 find out Sam’s ring was found in the news and as they show flashbacks of a fingerprint being put on the ring by Frank- Nate (Billy Brown) is arrested!

Annalise, who it’s obvious had Frank frame Nate to protect Connor and the group, is none the less devastated.

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