HTGAWM S1 Ep. 13 Recap: The Truth Hurts

Episode 13 of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ (HTGAWM) was packed with action as  Nate’s (Billy Brown) arrest had far reaching consequences as everyone came to realize that sometimes the truth hurts.

The show was filled with symbolism as each of the characters learns or unearths a truth that in many cases is hard to deal with.

As the show opens we see Nate(Billy Brown) go through the humiliation of being arrested and strip searched while Annalise (Viola Davis) is wallowing in guilt and refuses to get out of bed.

Annalise is also “stripped down” in a sense, as we see her with no make-up and at her lowest point as she faces the truth of what she has set in motion.

The Keating 5, meanwhile, are all scattered in their reactions:

-Rebecca (Katie Findlay) is unnerved when she gets a call from the cops-who want to question her because they found her number in Nate’s call log- rattling her and the Keaing 5.

-Laurel (Karla Souza)  pays Frank a visit to thank him for framing Nate, while  Michaela (Aja Naomi King) worries about saving him.

– Connor (Jack Falahee), celebrates over Nate’s arrest with Oliver and champagne.

Annalise (Viola Davis) is a wreck over having had Frank frame Nate and calls her mom for some TLC, but instead she gets TKO’d from her (well, it’s really a smack but you get the idea).

Played by the incomparable Cicely Tyson,  Annalise’s mom blows in like a hurricane and after ripping into Frank (Charlie Weber) and  Bonnie (Liza Weil)  for mistaking her for a client she lets her daughter have it too.

Not only does she give her a big, fat I told you so about marrying Sam but she also tells her she knows everything that’s been going on (because she Google’d it!)

When she tries to clean the room and take Sam’s clothes Annalise finally jumps out of bed and the 2 have a heated exchange.

It’s obvious there’s years of resentment here and that each woman has her own version of the truth when it comes to who they are.

Annalise’s mom feels that her daughter is ashamed of her poor upbringing while Annalise feels her mom doesn’t respect what she has built.

When her mom asks her if she did it Annalise feels dejected that her own mother would ask and crawls back into bed.

All this goes on against the backdrop of a rape case that Bonnie has taken on, where a woman is accused of raping a gay man.

Bonnie tries but she is in over her head and struggles despite the strong facade she puts on in court.

While brainstorming over the case at the house Wes (Alfred Enoch), slips upstairs to talk to Annalise about Rebecca meeting with the cops and she reassures him that it will be fine if Rebecca sticks to the story.

Later Michaela, who is obsessed with Nate being freed, digs to find out what Rebecca told the cops and the news isn’t good.

They learn Rebecca told the cops Nate wanted her to plant evidence and she refused- which was not part of the plan.

This causes Wes to go to the cops to find out more about Rudy- and he finds out that he was sent to a psych ward the same night Lila was murdered.

He tells Laurel about it while the 5 are at a bar meeting Oliver for the first time and the 2 worry about how trust worthy Rebecca really is and if Rudy was involved in Lila’s disappearance.

Later, they go to visit Rudy and find that his brain is fried- but when he sees a pic of Rebecca he says wet (as in the water tank where Lila is).

Annalise, meanwhile,  finally manages to get out of bed and finds her mom cooking.

When they start to argue again  an ugly truth is revealed: Annalise was raped by her Uncle Clyde and her mother knew and did nothing.

Her mother, however,  tells Annalise that her uncle got what he deserved (he’s dead) and that crying over (or marrying your shrink) it doesn’t help, causing Annalise to ask her to leave.

Later, Annalise’s mom goes to her room and begins to brush Annalise’s hair and reveals another startling truth: she killed Uncle Clyde and that’s why she asked if she killed Sam- because she understands having to do bad things for the right reasons.

Bonnie manages to find evidence to win her case and celebrates by having sex with Asher on top of the car in the underground garage, while Frank is sitting in it!

As the show ends Annalise shows up at Nate’s arraignment and finds Michaela there.

Michaela tells her she can’t live with the lie of Nate taking the fall and Annalise tells her she needs to stop worrying about Nate.

She then goes to see Nate and while pretending to yell at him slips him a note telling him to call a new lawyer with a phone number.

Meanwhile Rebecca is seen tracking Wes through her computer and knows he is at the hospital visiting Rudy.

What do you think Rebecca’s deal is?  Share your thoughts on tonight’s episode with us below.

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