HTGAWM S1, Ep12 Spoilers: Is Annalise Setting Up The Keating 5? [Video]

The Keating 5 might have more to deal with than a guilty conscious if it turns out Annalise is setting them up to take the fall for Sam’s murder in episode 12 of HTGAWM, which airs tomorrow night.

As we saw in last weeks episode Wes, Connor, Rebecca, Michaela and Laurel are starting to fall apart and based on the previews for this weeks episode it seems like it’s about to get worse.

News of Sam’s body ( or parts of it) being found send their fears into overdrive and has Connor questioning Annalise’s (Viola Davis) motives.

Wes, of course, thinks the idea is preposterous, but  you can see that the others let the idea creep in their head.

Connor does bring up a good point- how did the police know to look for tiny body parts unless someone told them- but could Annalise really be setting them up to take a fall?

Whether or not Annalise is trying to set them up, doubt and fear will divide them, making them more prone to mistakes.

They need to think clear and stay united- something that will be hard to do if they start believing they can’t trust Annalise- or each other.

With Sam’s sister sniffing around and now the police involved this could turn out to be a recipe for disaster for all of them.

Check out the preview for episode 12 below and tell us what you think is going on.

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