Season 2 of HTGAWM is going to be packed with action from start to finish as the big question on everyone’s mind: What really happened to Rebecca? is answered.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the mystery surrounding Rebecca’s death will be explained in episode 1- a big change from last season, when fans had to guess and wonder who killed Sam almost the entire time.

The actress who plays Rebecca, Kate Findlay has been tweeting from on set, leading many to speculate she is alive.

Although anything is possible my guess is Rebecca is very much dead and Kate is filming flashback scenes- a staple of the show.

It will be interesting to see how having the big reveal early will play out over the course of the season, but my guess is the show has even bigger reveals coming if they are giving fans this information early on- making me excited to see what’s ahead.

Last season the series ended with Annalise (Viola Davis) and Frank (Charlie Weber) lying to Wes (Alfred Enoch) and the others that Rebecca had run off, when in reality she was dead under the stairs.

Privately, Annalise and Frank were clueless as to how that happened, but given the fact that they, along with the others were holding her hostage, anyone and everyone is suspect.

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