Big Dr Who Marathon Before/After Christmas Special

BBC America will be airing the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special on Christmas day at 9pm/8c.

But that’s not the only Doctor Who event going on during the Christmas break.

BBC America will also be having a Doctor Who marathon starting at 8am/7c on Christmas Eve and continuing all the way to 9am/8c on Jan 1, 2015. Now that’s a marathon! (There is one large break – December 30.)

Unfortunately, the episodes won’t be in order all the way through.

The marathon starts on December 24 with S2, Ep1, (of the modern era Doctor Who). A few episodes in, several Christmas Specials from the past will be shown, including The Runaway Bride, A Christmas Carol, The Christmas Invasion, Voyage of the Damned, and The Next Doctor.

On Christmas Day we get the current season (8), starting at 8am/7c. This season we do get in order. Episodes 1 through 12.

Then at 9pm/8c is the main event. This year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special: Last Christmas.

The marathon then continues with a number of repeats of Last Christmas and select episodes from seasons 2 through 8 until the marathon wraps up on the morning of January 1.

There is one pre-marathon bonus I should mention here. The winner of BBC America’s ‘Favorite Christmas Special’, The Christmas Invasion, is available right now, streaming for free, on No special subscriptions or anything else is required.

Oh, and in case you were wondering… no word yet on if the Season 9 premiere will be in theaters.

Will you be sneaking away from your family on Christmas night to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

Tell us about it in the comments section – and spread the news about the marathon using the share buttons. Your fellow Doctor Who fans will appreciate the heads up!

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