This week, video-streaming service provider Hulu released a major update to its app designed for Android smartphones and tablets.

The latest update allows mobile Android users to access and stream select TV shows and movies for free.

This means that your favorite shows from popular television networks like FOX, NBC and ABC are now available to watch for free, including FOX’s hit comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine and NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Free content also includes selections from Hulu Originals and other Hulu content categories, including Anime, Kids, Movies and Latino.

Up until this week, Hulu has only provided free access to select content through

The content available on the updated app will now mirror the ad-supported version of the Hulu website, with only a few exceptions.

The decision to provide Android users with select free access is most certainly designed to promote Hulu Plus, the monthly subscription service that offers subscribers access to Hulu’s full TV and film content library for just $7.99 a month.

Unfortunately at this time, the (mobile) access to free content applies solely to Android users and excludes Apple iOS supported devices.

There is no official word yet on whether similar updates will be applied to the upcoming Hulu Plus iOs app update.

To download the updated Android Hulu Plus app, visit the Google Play store.

What do you think of the updates to the Hulu Android app? Do you think this update will make users more likely to subscribe?

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