Hulu Crashes During Democratic Debate – Outage Lasts Over An Hour

Hulu Crashes During Democratic Debate – Outage Lasts Over An Hour

Hulu Live crashed this evening as the first night of the Democratic debates began.

 Update: the debate on NBC, and other affected channels, became available live on Hulu again at approximately 10:40pm (ET). The outage lasted more than an hour. The remainder of this story was written during the outage.


At this reporter’s location, after going to a commercial, Hulu Live streaming through Roku apparently fell into some kind of commercial loop, reshowing the same two commercials over and over again.

Other Hulu users are reporting that they are seeing an error warning on their screen.

Accessing Hulu Live through the internet, viewers in the US are redirected to Telemudo, which is showing the debates with an audio Spanish translation.

Early in the crash other live channels appeared to be working on Roku, but with time they have apparently crashed too.

Hulu has not made any announcements about the outage on their site, twitter, nor FaceBook.

Hulu users on Twitter are complaining-

At publication time, the crash is continuing (since resolved, see ‘update’ message above).

An alternative way to access the Democrat debate online is at:

A replay of the debate is available through YouTube.

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