Hulu To Launch Original Drama, "Battleground”

The online video streaming service Hulu announced today that they will launch their own originally scripted drama on February 14. Valentine’s Day.

The political based drama will be called “Battleground.” The show is fiction, but will be done in a documentary style. The show’s creator is JD Walsh. You may have seen that name before – he’s the actor that plays Gordon on Two and Half Men.

The story will be about the Democratic primary for the Wisconsin Senate. Of course there will be plenty of corruption, intrigue and devious, backstabbing, staff. Walsh said of the show “”People hate politics but they love elections. Campaigns are about good versus evil, our team versus yours, relationships, temptations, power, unimaginable triumphs and heartbreaking defeats.”

The cast of “Battleground” are mostly unknowns. There will be Jay Hayden as campaign manager Chris “Tak” Davis. Teri Reeves will star as Kara “KJ” Jamison, Jack De Sena as Cole Graner, Lindsey Payne as Lindsey Cutter, Jordan T. Maxwell as Jordan T. Mosley, and Alison Haislip as Ali Laurents.

Alison Haislip you may recognize. She used to be a regular on G4’s “Attack of the Show!” and NBC’s “The Voice”. She was also a co-host during the first season of “American Ninja Warrior”.

Hulu operates on a duel advertising and subscription model, unlike other subscription only streaming video services.

They have a free, ad supported, service that is delivered on the web through

Then they have Hulu Plus, which cost $7.99 a month and shows advertisements. Hulu plus offers additional content and can be watched on a much wider array of devices, including Internet-connected TVs, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, mobile phones and tablets.

“Battleground” is Hulu’s second original series, but it’s their first foray into original fiction. Hulu also announced today that their first original program, a documentary series called “A Day in the Life,” has been picked up for a second season. The will also be launching a new travel documentary, “Up to Speed, this summer.

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