‘Humans’ Series Premiere: AMC Takes On A.I.

Hot on the heels of  Sci-Fi Horror film, Ex Machina, AMC network, too, takes on A.I with its new series Humans. The beautiful “synths,” Human’s spin on androids, are a far cry from Ray Bradbury’s The Electric Grandmother. 

According to AMC, Humans is based on “the award-winning Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans.” In one of the three AMC trailers, a voice pleads “we” are no longer satisfied being slaves. This plea along with the original series’ use of “real” indicate AMC will present us with the ethical and moral dilemmas that often  accompany A.I. If a being is self aware and experiences consciousness, is it entitled to human rights?Given the stunning good looks of the synths, surely sexuality will be a factor in this ethical/moral probe.

Yesterday, TVLine released exclusive photos of the series. It appears that the synths of Humans fit traditional beauty standards. The feature that distinguishes the synths from their owners is luminous blue or green eyes- that and their perpetual runway ready good looks. One photo features a female synth in the foreground, encased in glass etched with Persona Synthetics. The figure looks like a porcelain doll.

TVLine also featured a commercial for Humans that shows a handsome male synth carrying his female owner in the presence of her jealous husband. The husband is later seen clubbing something out of the camera’s frame, providing another indication that the show will also explore the moral questions regarding intimacy between traditionally born humans and synths.

Questions of intimacy and freedom are evident in another AMC trailer for Humans that shows three woman, presumably synths, dropping black robes to reveal their naked bodies. One of the female synths is also seen screaming in a mirror. Each of the trailers are made eery by the synths perfection and their owners quiet suspicion.

Two scenes from the trailer, “Like Us: Humans: Series Premiere”  point to seemingly autonomous synths. In one scene, William Hurt reminds a synth that he helped create her; such a statement is customarily made by a person attempting to regain control. The conclusion of the trailer shows the distressed female owner of Anita, the latest synth model, cautioning Anita, “I’m watching you.” Anita coldly volleys the phrase, effectively setting the frightening mood of what’s sure to be AMC’s new hit show.

Humans is scheduled to premiere on AMC Sunday June 28th at 9 PM. Will you tune in? You can post your questions or insights in the comment section.

Consumer Expert Melissa O'Donnell

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