Humble Bundle has revealed its new weekly sale for the week of April 17th to 23rd called “Oh Man, You Should Totally Check That Game Out!”.

This time, the sale is sponsored by Devolver Digital (makers of Hotline Miami) in support of SpecialEffect.

Consumers can decide how to split their donation between Humble Bundle itself, Devolver Digital and SpecialEffect in the usual Humble Bundle tradition.

The bundle includes The Real Texas, a western action-adventure title; Crytic Sea EP, a retro-themed compilation; and Dungeon Hearts, a strategic action-puzzler.

For a minimum donation of $6.00 USD, consumers will receive Foul Play, a side-scrolling brawler; Legend of Dungeon, an action RPG beat-’em up; and KRUNCH Digital Collector’s Edition, a quick-reflex game.

A final scale of $10.00 USD will also net a copy of Tower of Guns,  a rogue-lite title.

The bundle also includes five soundtracks, unlockable alongside their respective games.

Earlier this week, Humble Bundle also revealed its latest bi-weekly sale. The Humble Mobile Bundle 5 currently includes six mobile games (for Android), with more titles to be revealed next week in usual tradition.

These titles include retro shooter, R-Type II, produce puzzler, Bag It!, and RPG, Aralon: Sword and Shadow for any donation.

Beating the average donation price (standing at $5.00 USD as of publishing) will net a copy of The Cave, a digital version of the tile-based board game, Carcassonne, and The Room Two.