Humble Weekly Sale: PewDiePie Saves The Children

Humble Weekly Sale: PewDiePie Saves The Children

Steam is offering a new Humble Bundle for the week of April 10th – April 16th brought to the world by Youtube sensation PewDiePie.

PewDiePie is celebrating his 25 millionth (25,000,000) Youtube subscriber by putting together a collection of select games in Humble Bundle tradition.

Buyers of this Humble Bundle can choose how to split proceeds of their purchase between the game developers, Humble Bundle itself, and to the Save the Children charity.

The incentive to donate is the bundle itself. On offer are 7 games available in 4 different tiers.

Donate anywhere from 1 dollar USD to $5.99 USD and receive the self-explanatory Surgeon Simulator 2013, Mexican-inspired platformer Guacamelee! Gold Edition and rag-doll typing game QWOP for Android.

Donations from $6.00 USD to $9.99 USD will also receive Speed Runners (an Early-Access competitive platform game) and sandbox game Garry’s Mod.

A contribution of $10.00 USD to $14.99 USD will get all the above alongside Probably Archery, a chaotic archery simulator.

Any sale of $15.00 USD or above will get a bonus of State of Decay, an open-world zombie game.

All of the games will be downloadable DRM-free and most come with a key for Steam as well.

The sale is available on the Steam Humble Weekly Sale page.

Consumer Expert Jonathan McMullen

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