Hummerbar: A New Way Of Feeding Hummingbirds

Perky Pet has raised the bar for feeding hummingbirds – quite literally – with the release of its newest bird feeder: the Hummerbar.

The Hummerbar is a horizontal hummingbird feeder that is designed to serve dozens of hummingbirds at a single time.

Available in two- and four- feet lengths, the Hummerbar is made of clear plastic so hummingbirds can watch for predators while eating. The feeding eyelets are ideally spaced and precisely angled for easy access to hummingbirds in flight.

Although hummingbirds are territorial animals, Perky Pets claims that no hummingbird can dominate the entire feeder.

Traditional vertical hummingbird feeders typically only have four to five feeding eyelets, which can cause hummingbirds to fight for food. The Hummerbar’s horizontal design helps eliminate the need to fight with space for two rows of eyelets along the top of the plastic tube.

Hummerbars can be hung in the same places as other styles of hummingbird feeders, but more thought is needed in placement due to the feeder’s length. Bird watchers need to keep in mind these feeders come in two- and four-foot lengths and are suspended by two cords – one at either end of the tube.

Hummerbars can be purchased directly from Perky Pet on their website. Two-foot Hummerbars retail for $19.99, and four-foot Hummerbars retail for $29.99.

A video of hummingbirds feeding at a Hummerbar can also be found on Perky Pet’s website.

Do you want to attract more hummingbirds to your yard? Are you planning on buying a Hummerbar? Let us know in the comments!

Consumer Expert Carissa Myers

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