On Monday, the Texas Rangers played against the Detroit Tigers. As cameras panned the crowds, they landed on a sign being held by a 7 year old Rangers fan. The sign read: Hey Rangers! Hit my brother —> Win my piggy bank.

Conner Alexander, the 7 year-old boy holding the sign, said that he and his brother devised the plan together for one purpose: They hoped to get on the ballpark’s sign board and perhaps, get the attention of their two all-time favorite Rangers players Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz.

Conner’s mother discussed the size of his piggy bank. She said he has one, but it doesn’t have a lot in it. When asked if he would have parted with his piggy bank, Conner admitted that he wouldn’t.

The sign, however, got a lot more attention than just being shown on the ballpark’s sign board. The sign has been viewed by literally millions of fans on Yahoo and has received over 24,000 “shares” on Facebook. As if that weren’t enough, the family has received dozens of calls all week from friends and reporters.

A number of naysayers have stepped up to criticize Billy and Ashlee Alexander, Conner’s parents, saying that allowing the boys to play the ruse at the Rangers game was poor parenting. Billy reacted to the remarks by saying that the boys were having good clean fun, and those who didn’t like it needed to “come to Texas and have some fun.”