“I Ate The Bones!” – KFC Launches New Boneless Chicken Nationwide | Ads

“I Ate The Bones!” – KFC Launches New Boneless Chicken Nationwide | Ads

KFC’s new boneless chicken is now available through all KFC outlets in U.S.

Starting today, customers can order two-piece Boneless Combo for a price of $4.99.

The meal includes a biscuit, a piece of dark meat, a piece of white meat, a side item and a medium drink.

For families, the fast food chicken specialist is offering a mixed bucket that contains 10-pieces in total. 4 out of the 10 pieces are of boneless chicken; two dark meat and two white meat; while 6 pieces include the world-famous chicken on the bone.

The family mixed bucket costs $14.99.

KFC’s U.S. president John Cywinski stated ‘We’ve never seen such a positive reaction to a test product. Original Recipe Boneless is a real game-changer that transforms how customers think about KFC. Bottom line, it’s a big idea and we’re going to have some fun with it.’

Two 30-second commercials were part of the advertising campaign for the new menu addition. The theme was ‘I Ate The Bones!’

Customers can also engage with KFC on social media through the hashtag #AteTheBones.

Videos of the new “I Ate The Bones” ads are below.

Will you be trying the new KFC boneless chicken? Leave your answer below!



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