Rockstar Energy Suzuki rider Ian Trettel was one of the prominent potentials for a lifelong career in Motocross. In March of 2011, though, Trettel received a severe head injury during a practice run at the Daytona Supercross when he crashed. Trettel was put into a medically induced coma at Halifax Medical Center and, through medical and surgical intervention, the bleeding and swelling that was occurring on his brain were brought under control.

After 2 months of waiting and wondering if Trettel would be able to race again, fans across the nation finally have an answer. Yesterday, Ian Trettel announced his formal and permanent retirement from Motocross Racing. According to a statement issued by Suzuki on Trettel’s behalf, the Motocross racer is not willing to risk another head injury, which could be potentially fatal because of his current injury.

According to the statement, Trettel is progressing well in his rehab at the Shepherd’s Care Center in Atlanta, GA but will not consider returning to Motocross, even if he makes a full and complete physical and cognitive recovery. Ian Trettel stated that “life looks different” now and he plans to use his accomplishments as a Motocross racer to “pave a new path” and help other traumatic brain injury patients recover a positive outlook on what life holds for them.