ih8sn0w releases sn0wbreezeFollowing the release of evasi0n by evad3rs to jailbreak all models of iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads untethered on iOS 6.0-6.1, iH8sn0w, a recognized member of the iOS jailbreak community, released a new version of sn0wbreeze (a jailbreak tool) last week which made it compatible with iOS 6.x untethered jailbreak.

Today, he has released a minor update to the sn0wbreeze tool: version 2.9.9.

It comes shortly after the release of version 2.9.8. The update includes several bug fixes.

Sn0wbreeze works only on Windows, and it’s a handy tool for iOS users who are unlocked on certain basebands.

Users can create a custom IPSW to preserve the baseband, which prevents them from losing the unlock. This is now more important than ever as unlocking has been declared illegal in U.S.

The new update fixed the issue of iDevices not appearing in iTunes/xcode. It also address several Apple TV 2 related bugs and the problem faced when building iPhone 3,2 (iPhone 4 GSM-Rev2) IPSW.

Furthermore, evasi0n untether has been added directly to Cydia.

However, sn0wbreeze can only be used on A4 devices. A5 models aren’t compatible.

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