IKEA Recalls Millions Of Dressers Following Deaths Of 3 Children

Furniture giant IKEA is recalling at least 27 million dressers after three children were killed by tipped-over dressers.

Last summer, in response to the deaths of two toddlers caused by toppled dressers of the Malm brand, IKEA launched a campaign in which free wall anchor kits were sent out to those who purchased such a dresser.

However, not everyone was aware of this campaign, and another toddler was killed this year.

As such, IKEA has recalled its line of Malm dressers, as well as some other dressers that have led to toddler deaths. Refunds will be offered to customers who purchased the dressers. IKEA also advises people who own a Malm dresser to move it out of the reach of small children or to fasten it to the wall.

Although Malm dressers have been pulled from IKEA’s US website, they are still being sold in other countries around the world, such as France and Australia. For more information on the exact models being recalled and how to get a refund, click here.