In-N-Out Burger is one of California’s most successful family-owned fast food chains. It operates with a “no frozen” policy and features a 1950s – 1960s throwback style in its uniforms, ads, and artwork as well as discrete references to Bible verses on the packaging.

The latest restaurant opened up on May 11 in Texas. Upon its grand opening at high noon, In-N-Out Burger saw lines down the highway and around the corner. One woman was caught crying as she bit into her double burger.

Explaining the appeal of In-N-Out Burger isn’t necessarily easy. The chain’s food has received great reviews from Zagats. Perhaps it’s the freshness of the food, which is never frozen. Even the french fries are cut daily at the restaurant from real live potatoes. Maybe it’s the fact that In-N-Out has always considered itself a family affair, since it is still a family-owned chain.

The long lines, though, are nothing new for new arrivals in Texas. Krispy Kreme experienced the same kind of welcome when they first opened their doors in Texas as did Jack In The Box, another California-based chain. Like Krispy Kreme, which has constant lines that never seem to end, In-N-Out Burger is expected to have the same reaction. Only time will tell, though, if this California line can compete with Five Guys and Whataburger.