Eli RothEli Roth has come a long way from standing guard at Howard Stern’s Private Parts trailer. He is slated to direct the squirm-worthy horror flick Knock Knock come April.

Roth is no stranger to terror.

Ladies everywhere shaved their legs with hesitation after Cabin Fever’s gruesome bathtub scene. The number of carefree college students backpacking through Europe likely dwindled thanks to the Hostile franchise.

Details for Knock Knock are scarce, but the brief synopsis includes the usual suspects: sex and violence.

According to Movie Insider, the movie will depict an unsuspecting married man’s demise at the hands of two vixens.

The Wrap reports Roth’s influence will sweep across this project.

Not only will he direct the movie, but Roth has also teamed up with Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo to write the original screenplay. He and Colleen Camp will produce the project.

H2 Crew Productions released an 8 minute short film of the same name in 2013. The parallels stop at two young female leads moving the action.

Ariola Productions also released a movie named Knock Knock in 2007.

Roth’s version gleans hints of its predecessor’s vengeance theme, but the plots are different.

Time will tell how this project takes shapes, but it is sure to haunt us for years once it hits the big screen.