infamous second son logoIf you’ve got a PS4, inFamous: Second Son is probably towards the top of your shopping list on March 21st.

According to developers at Sucker Punch, the title has just gone gold and  preorders will be shipping soon!

As usual, retailers across the country are offering bonuses for those that purchase Second Son early. Here’s all the details about what’s in store for launch!

Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, NewEgg, PSN, and Walmart all offer a limited edition copy for $59.99 that includes extra missions and an in-game jacket for completing them. There’s also the Cole’s Legacy DLC to explore as well. Amazon and GameStop step up their game by additionally packing in a code for three exclusive vests for your character too.

With regards to shipping costs, all the above mentioned retailers with the exception of GameStop have a free shipping option available. Walmart however, is the only one that guarantees arrival at your doorstep on day one.

For serious fans, a rare collector’s edition with a replica hat, pins, and patch from the game’s main character is also up for grabs for $79.99.

InFamous: Second Son marks a new direction  for the Sony exclusive franchise and features a fresh main character in the form of graffiti artist Delsin Rowe. After discovering his super hero-like abilities, he teams up with his police officer brother to take the law into his own hands.

Will you be buying this PS4 blockbuster at launch?