That the super popular Instagram app will soon be available for Android devices is something we have already reported on. As of today it appears that it has gotten a step closer.

Instagram’s developers are now registering e-mail addresses through their website of Android users wanting to be notified as soon as the app is available. The sign-up form is at

InstagramThere’s not much information available on their site. No indication of a launch date or anything along those lines. No hints at all. All it says is “Want to be the first in line for Instagram on Android?” Below that is a place to enter an e-mail address.

Instagram is a social photo sharing app. It was launched approximately 5 months ago and became an instant hit. Just available on Apple iOS devices so far, it already has over 1 million users. At the end of last year it was picked as Apple’s “App of the Year.”

We’ve signed up to be notified when Instagram for Android becomes available. We’ll update you here at CP as soon as our email comes in.