iOS 5 Beta 2 Revealed – What’s On Its Way From Apple

iOS 5 has created a lots of hopes among the Apple product users and a good threat to the Android platform. When Apple changes the strictness in their OS it should be a real threat to Android, as the driving force of Android platform is the openness. So when discussing what’s new in iOS 5, it will be clearer that Apple has included many things in their strictness from the ‘openness’ of Android. In iOS beta 2 some minor tweaking has been done to the interface.

New features in iOS 5 beta 2 are not very high in number. But they are important. The new features of iOS 5 beta 2 includes Wi-Fi syncing, which lets the user sync their data using Wi-Fi networks from device to device. The message font is also changed with a crisper font which looks a lot better than the previous font. Another minor change is the change of the iCloud icon. The icon was purple in the beta 1 but it is now changed with a brushed aluminum icon which looks smarter. There is a minor change in the notification system too. It looks like iOS 5 is almost a matured product which is going through polishing. Now it’s time for Android to put up a show.