With iOS 8, users will be able to stream content from their iOS devices to an Apple TV without a shared network connection.

Apple devices use a feature called Airplay, allowing them to stream music and video playback through a television or home stereo via an Apple TV. Currently, this connectivity requires all linked devices to be on a shared network. iOS 8 alleviates this obstacle, making it easier to share content when offline or when using a complicated network.

This localized content-sharing solution will allow the use of Airplay in office and classroom settings where Internet connectivity is often restricted.

More information on the connectivity features of iOS 8 can be found on Apple’s iOS 8 ‘Preview’ page.

According to the tech news site TouchArcade, iOS 8 will also allow users to video capture what happens on their iOS devices’ screens. Developers will now be able to create app previews without an external capture card. Although this feature is listed as an Apple developer tool, it will be available to all users running iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

The peer-to-peer Airplay feature and video capture tool will be available with iOS 8, which is scheduled for release in the fall, alongside Mac OS X Yosemite.