There’s growing expectations online that Apple will release the next generation of the iPad during the first week, or first weekend, of March.

In Google’s ‘News’ search, there are almost 12,000 results from a variety of sources talking about the iPad 3 launch. Will it be launched? When will it be launched? What will be called? What will it feature? … are all questions being asked, and speculated about, online.

Of course, as is its usual fashion, Apple is mum.

Taking some of the more reliable reports, and fleshing this out a bit, here’s what we can tell you *might* happen – and what the iPad 3 *might* be like.

Most of the reports are indicating that Apple will have some kind of event in San Francisco during the first week of March. There’s been some speculation that Apple will use leap day, February 29, as the reveal date. Some believe the iPad 3 will actually go on sale March 9… primarily because there were other rumors that Apple’s iOS 5.1 update will become available on that date.

As for features, the next generation iPad is expected to have an enhanced, higher resolution, touchscreen. The resolution may double that of the iPad 2. The new iPad will be faster, having either a quad core or a faster dual core processor. And it will feature Siri.

Price wise, well… predictions ran the gamut. Some are expecting Apple to get more aggressive with pricing, in order to compete against Amazon and other android tablets. Here at CP we suspect that Apple will continue to stake out the high range with the new iPad having a base price of about $500. The price of the iPad 2 may drop by about $100, while they remain in stock.

And for the name? Apple iPad 3 sounds great, but some are predicting Apple will go with a more incremental iPad 2S, similar to Apple’s last iPhone model, the iPhone 4S.