The iPad 3 has to come out someday. But some rumors are now surfacing claiming the release of iPad 3 will be this year besides iPhone 5 and iOS 5.

The release of iPhone 5 and iOS 5 are logical, but when talking of iPad 3, the rumors are too far-fetched. iOS 5 is already announced and iPhone 5 is already late for the release. So it is usual that there will be speculations about what they will look like. The media will accept any rumor saying lighter, faster  and thinner. As an update of a device these are the usual improvements which can be easily predicted. So when a rumor is saying the iPad 3 will have 2048×1536 pixel resolution, it is believable. But that’s not everything. Would Apple really axe the sales of their best-selling tablet so early? That does not seem so reasonable.

As the iOS release is scheduled for September, any future iDevice will come with iOS 5 preloaded. That is sure for the iPhone 5, next iPod Touch and iPad 3 also. iPad should be out with iOS 5, but the rumored time is to much to be true. On the other hand Apple has recently increased their production and supply of iPad 2. So it’s unlikely that Apple will introduce another iPad this year.